Here is a drawing of the sort of building we envision. 

Here are the type of dog kennels we plan to install.

Animal Harbor

New Shelter Campaign

This effort is not just about sheltering animals, but also setting a new direction for Franklin County as it relates to animal welfare. We want to have a center for rescued pets which will be a benefit for all of the community and of which the county can be proud. The proposed facility will have more usable space to house animals than their current shelter, will offer greatly improved care of our feline and canine residents and emphasize community services to address the root causes of pet abuse, abandonment, and overpopulation.

With less time devoted to daily cleaning and maintenance, our staff and volunteers will be able to work more with the animals to improve behavior and to pursue more community education and prevention programs. In addition, a more inviting facility and more convenient location will attract more adopters and volunteers, enabling us to save more animals.

Features of our New Building

Our building plans are not yet complete. When they are, we will share them here. We are planning the building to be in two "parts" or "wings" under one roof. Both sections will be handicapped-accessible.

Dog Kennel

This building is designed to provide a safe, healthy, low-stress environment for all of our dogs, whether they are at the shelter for a week or a year. The metal building will have 4,000 square feet of floor space, and will feature:

  • A durable, nonporous concrete floor with an appropriate drainage system for cleaning
  • Heat and air-conditioning with 3 separate air-handling units for redundancy and disease-control
  • A separate entrance and contained area for new intakes to avoid contamination of clean areas with any diseases the new dogs might have
  • 7 modular kennels with concrete floors and guillotine doors with access to outdoor runs, for dogs who cannot use the outside yards
  • 8 modular self-contained kennels for dogs who are sick or in isolation
  • 11 standard concrete kennels with covered trench drains, for the healthy adoptable dogs
  • A small meet and greet room for people to visit with dogs individually without the distraction of other dogs
  • An exam room
  • A whelping room for mother dogs and new-born puppies
  • Work areas and storage areas

Cat and Office Areas

As in the new kennel building, the guiding principle will be to provide a safe, healthy, and low-stress environment for Animal Harbor’s cats. This 4,000 square foot building will include:

  • Heat and air-conditioning with separate air-handling units for redundancy and disease-control
  • Improved isolation facilities for new intakes
  • Improved isolation facilities for sick cats
  • More space for healthy cats, including three community rooms
  • An enclosed cat porch so that cats can benefit from the air, stimulation, and exercise
  • A meet and greet room for potential adopters to spend time with individual cats
  • An administrative office for shelter management
  • A meeting /break room for staff and volunteers, with a restroom and a shower for use after handling sick animals.
  • A lobby/ reception area
  • A gift shop for retail sales
  • An educational resource center
  • Storage space for pet food and other supplies
  • A covered entrance so that potential adopters can visit and animals can be picked up or dropped off without difficulty in bad weather.
  • Outdoor seating for visitors, staff and volunteers

If you have any questions, or would like more information on our Capital Campaign, please send an email to, or call our Development Officer, Gail Castle, at 931-636-0388.