New Shelter Capital Campaign is Launched

We kicked off our Capital Campaign on July 10, 2012 with supporters and volunteers. Left to right: Dr. George Bowers, Cindy Sherrill, Cecelia Brodioi, Anna McCord, Amber Kelley, Paula Reed, Carolyn Maher, Sue Ridyard, Pat Thompson with Susie, Jeannie Amacher, Carol Sampson with Addy, Lynette Ariail, Gail Castle, Anne Giles, Betsy Pearson, Glenda Horton with Tank, Jennifer Janeway with Dylan.

We already have 25% of our goal of $500,000 to fund a new building for Animal Harbor. The lovely sign was made by Dan Backlund and is located in front of Franklin County UNITED Bank in Winchester.

Press Release

Capital Campaign Underway for Animal Harbor

July 13, 2012

The Franklin County Humane Society is pleased to announce the launch of their Capital Campaign to raise funds to build a new shelter building for Animal Harbor. A kick-off event was held at the Franklin County United Bank on Tuesday, July 10 at 3 p.m.

   “With the success of this campaign, they will be able to replace their dilapidated, former hog-barn shelter with a modern facility,” said FCHS Board President, Pat Thompson. “In our effort to keep our animals healthy and happy, this old building has become        the enemy. It is difficult to stop the spread of contagious disease, and a great deal of our time and dollars are spent on overcoming the shortcomings of a building that was never designed to be a shelter, and which is now failing in major structural ways.”

   Organizers say this effort is not just about sheltering animals, but also setting a new direction for Franklin County as it relates to animal welfare. “We want a center for rescued pets which will be a benefit for all of the community and of which the county can be proud.” The proposed facility will have more usable space to house animals than their current shelter, will offer greatly improved care   of their feline and canine residents and emphasize community services to address the root causes of pet abuse, abandonment, and overpopulation.

   With less time devoted to daily cleaning and maintenance, staff and volunteers will be able to work more with the animals to improve behavior and to pursue more community education and prevention programs. In addition, a more inviting facility and more convenient location will attract more adopters and volunteers, enabling them to save more animals.

   Animal Harbor has placed over 3,600 pets in new homes since opening in 2003. The Franklin County Humane Society is a completely independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving all of Franklin County and it relies solely on the generosity and donations of individuals and businesses in our community to keep their doors open.  

   For more information, please contact the Franklin County Humane Society at or 598-0368 or visit