We have a way for everyone to help out!

We have many different types of volunteers, and all of them are truly appreciated.

Scheduled Shelter Volunteers-

  1. Once you have a list of volunteer job descriptions, & an application. You will then get a tour of the building, an explanation of our volunteer sign in process, and discuss a weekly volunteering schedule.
  2. Once you have turned in your application you will begin your weekly scheduled volunteering. Our beginning volunteers will wear red aprons. Using your interests and past experience we will place you in the most appropriate job for the time you are available. As you are trained in a “hands on” capacity, volunteer management will discuss your enjoyment and aptitude for different tasks until finding the right fit. 
  3. Once you have found a position that works best for you, you will have the opportunity to advance in responsibilities and freedom by reading and learning from information that applies to certain jobs you may be most interested and talented in as compiled by volunteer management. These materials will be e-mailed to you. 
  4. After studying the materials, you will be given a simple 10 question test. If you answer 7 out of 10 correctly, you will graduate from Red to Blue or Green, based on your job interests. This graduation is also dependent on passing hands on observations of skills needed for the jobs you are qualifying for.
  • Blue - information volunteers. Volunteers to answer phones, work the front desk, file papers. If a client has a question they should be able to ask a staff member or Blue volunteer.
  • Green – “hands on” volunteers. Volunteers to walk dogs, clean cages, socialize. If a client needs help moving something, or interacting with an animal, they should be able to ask a staff member or Green volunteer.

Pet Projects- If you are interested in volunteering but scheduling and training are problems; we have a form  with needed projects that you may be able to help us with. This is a great way to fulfill service hour requirements for scholarships or Greek Life. This includes things like holding a fundraiser or food drive. Always check with AH before making any projects plans official. You can also find smaller projects available on our Make & Donate board on Pinteres

Events/Fundraising- Off-site events and fundraising are very important parts of our shelter operation. There are several community events throughout the year at which volunteers are an important part. After turning in an application you will officially be on our list of off-site volunteers. As an off-site volunteer, you will be contacted by our Off-SiteVolunteer Coordinator for events and fundraising opportunities as needed.

Kids Opportunities- We love having younger volunteers help us here at Animal Harbor. As long as children are with someone over 18 they are always welcomed. The application process is almost identical to out adult volunteers, they just need to have a parent or guardians signature on their application too. We have many young volunteers in all areas of our shelter work and a few programs just for them!

  • Reading Program: We have a small bookshelf with some wonderful books just for our young readers. When kids read to our animals, it’s a win/win. For the animals, they get one on one attention and a constant voice to help calm and entertain them. For the kids, they are able to have a non-judgmental companion to practice reading out-loud to. Plus a cuddly friend is an extra incentive to grow a love of reading.
  • North Jr. High`s Animal Harbor Club: Any interested students at North Jr. High can ask about joining. The club meets at AH after school during the school year. These students learn about a variety of animal welfare subjects, and help with shelter cleaning, and animal socialization.

Foster Home- To become a foster home, you fill out and turn in an application. Then depending on needs and experience AH staff will equip you with appropriate information about needs, complications, and risks on a case by case basis.

Day Foster- If you would like to take one of our dogs out for a day of fun as a day Foster it only requires a quick application, an ID, and to have them back at least 30min before we close that same day.

Groups- If you have a group (over 3 people) it is important to call a few weeks ahead of time to ensure we can accommodate a group of volunteers. Prior to the entire group arriving it is helpful to elect “Team Leaders” who will come a few days before everyone else, get a tour, and have the rules and procedures explained to them so they can assist our volunteer management & staff in directing the groups volunteer efforts. All members will need to fill out our volunteer application .

One Time Volunteers- If interested in one time volunteering, you can fill out this application and bring it to the shelter, after calling to make sure we are taking One Time Vols. that day. There is a chance that we will have an event or other arrangements that day, so without calling ahead there is no way to ensure you will be able to volunteer that day.