The Herald Chronicle    Date: Oct 15, 2010; Section: News; Page: 7

 Flash, The News Hound 

Flash the news hound here, reporting to my loyal readers this week from The Franklin County Humane Society‘s Animal Harbor out here on Highway 64 near Belvidere. My pals here asked me to let you know that October is Adopt-A-Dog Month. There are so many great reasons for people to share their lives with dogs. Not only do we dogs provide companionship, help lower blood pressure, fight depression and loneliness, but we can also pre-clean dishes before they go in the dishwasher. We can bring our people all kinds of treats we find in the yard. We can chase a ball until your arm aches. We can let you know if anything, and I do mean anything, enters the yard. We can fetch your shoes, our leash, or the cookie bag; and we can check the garbage to be sure there are no treasures thrown away by mistake.         

I’ve been visiting with Cheeta, who is the most laid-back dog ever. I would call her “a gentle giant.” She loves kids and loves other dogs, but she is not a big fan of cats. Cheeta told me, “I love the people who take care of me here at Animal Harbor, but I get depressed because they don’t have enough time to spend with all of us here at the shelter. It makes me so sad to watch the cute little dogs come and go so quickly. I’m happy that they are finding new   families, but it makes me wish that people would realize the many benefits of adopting older and larger dogs.”  

Then Cheeta told me about some of her pals at Animal Harbor. “Redford has been here a long time. He has a lot of energy, and sometimes gets so excited when he meets new people that he forgets his manners. Smokie was surrendered when her elderly owner passed away. She is active and playful, but also likes to chill out. Smokie knows how to ‘speak’ in addition to sit and shake.”

The dogs Cheeta told me about are her best friends here at Animal Harbor, but there are lots of other dogs just as special waiting for someone to adopt them. All of them are ready to give companionship, joy, and love. All Animal Harbor dogs are vet-checked, spayed or neutered, on heartworm and flea preventative, and current on shots.  

Remember, Dear Readers, when you adopt a dog from a shelter, you not only get the pleasure of knowing that you gave one dog a good home. You also open up a space for the shelter to save another life, so you’ve really helped two dogs, not just one.

In honor of Adopt-A-Dog month, please consider adopting a dog from Animal Harbor. Make me proud and help us place these pets. And remember, Dear Readers, to have your pets spayed or neutered so they won’t contribute to the pet overpopulation problem.

Your Pal,