Foster a Pet in your Home

Fostering a pet is a fun and rewarding experience in which the whole family can participate -- and receive unconditional love in return! Animal Harbor covers the cost of all of the medical needs, food, bowls, playpens, litter boxes, cages, etc. while you are fostering so there is little to no cost to the foster home.

Fostering increases an animal’s chance of getting adopted. Foster families are usually the first to find out about the pet’s personality. You may even be the first to teach your foster pet basic house manners, making them more appealing to potential adopters. As wonderful as animal shelters are, they can be stressful from the lack of quiet, training, and exercise. And there’s nothing like the love and warmth of a family!  Animals in foster care tend to be less stressed, better socialized, and have a lower chance of getting sick than animals in shelters.

To become a foster home, you'll need to fill out and turn in an application. Animal Harbor staff will equip you with appropriate information about needs, complications, and risks on a case by case basis.