Here we have pictures and letters from Animal Harbor adopters:

Happy Tales of Happy Tails!


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Posted by Patricia Thompson on Sunday, July 22, 2012,
Received May 21 on Facebook
Adopted Shadow Friday. We are truly blessed to have found this lovely girl. She is amazing. Thank you Animal Harbor!
She has adapted well to her new life. She is VERY happy and so are we. Loves going on several walks everyday and exploring her big back yard. Her favorite pastime though is getting lots of love, especially belly, chest, and neck rubs. She is learning how to be a big sister to our other newly adopted rat terrier named Trixie. She is very gentle but for...

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Posted by Patricia Thompson on Sunday, July 15, 2012,
Received July 15
J.D. is a wonderful dog who is a Shepherd/ collie mix. When I first got J.D. he was very skittish and shy but after an hour he all of a sudden jumped on my couch and started licking my ear to death. The animal shelter said the reason he was given up was due to his jumping- can you believe that!!!! J.D. is a very smart dog and is very happy in his forever home. I'm very proud of my big, sweet, lovable, baby. He listens very well and has wonderful manners I could not ask for a b...
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Posted by Patricia Thompson on Monday, July 9, 2012,
Received May 30

My fam & I just adopted "Winkie" this afternoon(we're keeping the name) :-) He is a SUPER DUPER LOVING cat.....he just smothers us constantly, I am shocked he's not tired yet! LoL He fit right in when we got home, & only took him an hour to come explore the whole house~I want to thank "Animal Harbor" for taking the time w/ all of the emails & info on him.....he is an absolute SWEETHEART!♥

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Posted by Patricia Thompson on Monday, July 9, 2012,
Received March 27

We believe this is the same dog that is on the Animal Harbor's website.
Our daughter adopted her. She is living the life!  I have many more
pictures of her.......

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Schroeder, now Smokey

Posted by Patricia Thompson on Monday, July 9, 2012,
Received March 17

Schroeder (the one on top) went to Michigan in August on the Rescue Waggin' and found a forever home. His new owner passed this on. They named him Smokey.

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