I adopted Azure last month, and I am happy to report that she is doing great. We have another shop kitty named Maui that the previous owner of Bubbles and Bows had adopted from your shelter a few years ago. Unfortunately, last year his blood-work showed that he was FIV positive, but he is otherwise a happy, healthy cat.

Maui had a buddy that I had rescued from my backyard named Funshine. She was a wonderful, sweet, loving kitty, and curiosity got the better of her and she didn't survive. Maui was depressed; staring and crying out of the front window for her to come back, not playing anymore, not really even wanting any human attention anymore. I decided he needed another kitty to play with, which is why I adopted Azure.

We have since named her Halia (ha LEE ah, Leah for short) which is Hawaiian for "remembrance of a loved one". When we walked in with Halia in her carrier, Maui's eyes lit up. He follows her around and watches her and when she's not paying attention, he tries a sneak attack to kiss her on her head. She isn't really sure what to think of him still yet, but they aren't aggressive at all. They stay near each other a lot, and that makes Maui happy, even though they aren't cuddling like he and Funny used to do. He has started to play a lot more and has completely stopped crying out of the window. Halia's favorite spot to sleep is under the raised bathtub-it creates a perfect cat fort for her, so we keep her bed under there. She loves coming out when there are small dogs running around so she can check them out, and she likes coming up to the front counter to greet people (especially kids). She has lots of food in different bowls all over the shop and she snacks from all of them. Everyone really loves her and all her silly antics. Thank you all so much for taking such great care of her and of all the other pets in your shelter and homes.