October 07, 2010

Amber and Tiffany,
      Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Breaking Dawn (now named Bella, still goes along with the Twilight theme:) is doing great. She got really carsick on the drive home, but settled down once we stopped moving. On the way home, we stopped and got her weight and some Frontline; she was 11.9 pounds. She pottied right away in the yard, but didn't want to eat or drink last night at all. She settled into her crate just fine, didn't make a peep, and slept until this morning at around 4:30 when I took her out to potty again. She finally ate a little and drank some water and pottied again outside at 7:30. She is doing amazingly well with potty training already! And, no whining in the crate! She's a dream! We are all in love with her already, and she's having so much fun with my daughter. The cats are traumatized, of course, but they'll get used to her soon enough.
    Thank you all so much! We'll keep you posted and I'll be sure to send some pictures as she grows. Good luck with placing the other girls!