Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just wanted to update you on Calamity since she left Animal Harbor last Friday.   We set her up in our bedroom with water/food/litter box when we got home and she went directly under the bed.  She would come to the edge of the bed and let us pet her but she would not come out.  She stayed under our bed until Monday night.  My husband and I retired for the evening, both of us reading before going to sleep and guess who came out and jumped up on the bed – Calamity!  We started petting her and she loved it!!  Now, when we go to bed, she demands to be petted and purrs so loudly – ha, ha!!  When it’s time to go to sleep all the light go off and she tries to get more pets, but eventually gives up and goes to the end of the bed and sleeps.

She’s only ventured out of the bedroom once (while we have been at home) but I keep the blinds on the front of the house open so she can look out when we are gone during the day. 

Thank you so much for a wonderful cat !