Hello Animal Harbor,

Just wanted to let you know that Calamity has settled into our home and has become a "responsible" member of our family.  She has designated herself as the "feline food bowl monitor" and lets me know (by crying, rubbing and walking all over me - and she will also use claws if I ignore her) when the food bowl is empty and needs refilling.  She has become accustomed to her two new kitty roommates (one is five years old, the other is 14 years old.) After they've all had breakfast together and take care of litter box business, they all hop up on our bed to take naps.  Her roommates have a heated cathouse on the back porch where they sleep at night.  Calamity is very interested in the cathouse, but isn't confident enough yet to actually go thru the backdoor to the outside world - we are working on that.   We also have two Border Collie dogs, and she likes for one of them to chase her in the house.  If they are not paying her any attention, she will keep running back and forth until they notice her.  At night, we we get into bed, she insists on being petted by both me and my husband.  Then she will either lay down on the top of my pillow (and head) or she'll go to the end of the bed by my feet.  If either of us wake up in the night, she is right there for more pets - ha!!  I've attached a picture of her supervising Christmas wrapping.  Calamity also likes to play with string and jewelry. She is just a sweetheart and a joy to have around!

Thanks so much,


Note: Calamity lived at Animal Harbor for over two years.