July 24, 2010

Just a quick note to update you on our Chantilly Belle!  She has gone to the Vet every month (until they can figure out how much she is really going to weigh) to get her flea, tick and heart worm medication.  The first month she gained 9 pounds and last month she gained 7 which puts her to a total of 35 pounds at almost 5 months.  I think she grows taller everyday but she still thinks that she is half her size.  She is still trying to fit into the small areas like she could when she first came home (under chairs and tables) but finding it more difficult every week.  We thought about one day getting a sister for her but have learned that she is very possessive when it comes to HER toys, HER food and HER treats!  She is growing into quite the young lady but still has her defiance.  She will get there though, I have faith in her.  I have attached our latest pics.

Again, my husband Steve and I thank you and all other animal lovers and rescuers for finding this and all little gems and keeping them safe!



Chantilly was one of our Rescue Waggin' puppies sent to Michigan.