Received April 13, 2012

My husband and I have been thinking about adopting a new dog for awhile -- we lost our Husky almost 3 years ago, and miss having a dog.

But we also have two small kids and a cat, and worried about finding an adult dog who could fit into the household without too much stress. Our Husky was an adult rescue, and we worked through several issues with him as a young adult, so we knew "adult" didn't necessarily mean "easy." We decided a puppy was probably the best way to go for everybody. 

Last week I found Charlie's profile at the local Humane Society. We went over on Saturday, met him, and decided to bring him home. Hooray! He's been adjusting really well. He went to work with me one day (I work with dog lovers, and he had a good time), has met most of the neighbor dogs, and this morning we're going to our regular vet for a meet-and-greet and quick checkup. He's a bright little guy, very cheerful and good natured, and we're looking forward to seeing him grow into a great companion dog.

Everyone wants to know what kind of dog he is, and after hearing him bark/howl a couple of times this week, we're guessing there's a lot of some sort of hound in there. :) Whatever mix he is, he's a good dog.

THANK YOU for taking care of him and his mama. I'm sorry she couldn't be rescued too.

take care -

[Editor's note: Charlie's mom, "Blackie," was a stray in Sewanee who would not let anyone get close enough to touch her. Rachel, a Sewanee resident, fed her and tried for two years to befriend her. She and others on the street, the police, and the FC Animal Control tried multiple times and used every method they could think of to capture her, because she had threatened some people in the neighborhood.  Meanwhile, she had three litters, and since she would let Rachel handle the puppies, they were all sent on the Rescue Waggin'. After this last litter, she got very close to being captured, but the effort failed again, and she met her end as a last resort. Rachel and everyone else involved should be comforted that they did everything possible to help this dog, and it comforts all of us to know that her puppies were sent to good homes.]