Received July 06, 2011

Hello!  I participated in your survey but I thought you’d like an update on Harley. I have attached a few pictures of him. The one is sitting on my dresser a week ago and the other two he’s lying on the cedar chest playing with me this morning. He really is camera shy.


After a day of staying under the bed and only coming out to eat and be petted he hung out in my bedroom for a day. Now, he has the run of the house and believes he is “the king”. He has his own pillow in every room and will only lay on them. He is a total gentleman. Plays catch with me, even throws it back. Acts most of the time like a playful 2 year old and loves the cat tree/condo I got him. Puts himself to bed (on my bed) at 10 pm every night and if am not in there by 11pm he comes & gets me. He insists on looking out the window next to my bed before I get up and has a spot in the kitchen and 2nd bedroom to look outside too. Harley is a wonderful companion with a loving personality; I can’t tell you how happy I am that he decided to pick me.


The ladies that were there the day I came in were fantastic. Their knowledge of each & every animal was amazing. They were patient and informative with me and not only told of the positive attributes of each animal but their habits and quarks also. My experience was welcoming and enjoyable. I was informed of Harleys health and background also and he & I together plan on proving the Dr. wrong.


I never imagined that Harley and I would be so totally compatible. Thank you for allowing me to adopt him.