Received July 15
J.D. is a wonderful dog who is a Shepherd/ collie mix. When I first got J.D. he was very skittish and shy but after an hour he all of a sudden jumped on my couch and started licking my ear to death. The animal shelter said the reason he was given up was due to his jumping- can you believe that!!!! J.D. is a very smart dog and is very happy in his forever home. I'm very proud of my big, sweet, lovable, baby. He listens very well and has wonderful manners I could not ask for a better dog! I cannot believe his last owners couldn't see what a wonderful dog they gave up. I'm going to teach J.D. obedience, which is going very well, so that we may participate in the AKC Rally tournament for mix breeds.  I believe he can do this just because he's such a good listener. Look for us in the future! :)