July 10, 2010

We adopted Milo on June 19 of this year and could not be any more pleased.
He settled in right away.  I did call you a few days ago about his microchip.  Our vet scanned him and could not pick up anything; she suggested we go by Bedford County Animal Control who has a different type of scanner.  We did this and they could not pick up anything either.  You suggested going to the Animal Care Center in Winchester which is where he had his chip implanted.  We may do this at a later date.  We don't get that way often and don't want to make a special trip.  If and when we go, we'll let you know what happened.
Just wanted to let you know we're enjoying Milo (we renamed him "Jack.")  I think you are doing a great job; I visited your website and think it's very nicely done.