Received September 21, 2011

Hey there! Thought you might like to hear about Pepper Trio who was adopted back in May. She's become our spoiled rotten baby girl, and has blossomed from a quiet, scared lap dog to a bossy little daredevil! Her missing leg has never posed a problem, on the contrary, she loves to run, jump, and wrestle with her brother, Cooper. I like to say that she's a real rags-to-riches story, because we recently got a Mayoral Decree proclaiming her Miss Canine Decherd! (She comes to work with me often here at Sinclair's Emporium and loves to lay in the window and watch the goings-on in downtown Decherd.) Anyway, I thought I'd send a couple emails with recent pictures of her...this first one is of Pepper and her brother on game day! Thanks so much for bringing this little bundle of joy into our lives,
Addie and John