Received June 28, 2011

Hello to all - just wanted to say thank you to anyone and everyone who took care of "Sage" until she reached us.  She is a well adjusted and loveable puppy who knows nothing but love (and shoes, but we're working on that).  She is a part Aussie and part Pyr pup from your shelter/foster homes and has found her forever home in NJ.  We love taking her in the woods (yes, there are some.  Few, but some) and everywhere we go.  I would think the most difficult part of fostering a dog would be wondering what her life will be like.  The kids love her, being summer they're on break until college starts back up, but they both commute from home and get to see her a lot.  My husband works for the local phone company and I work as a hospital nurse, and while our schedules don't often mix well, one of us is usually home to play with her.  In short, THANK YOU!!   Lauren & Sean