Received Feb 2, 2012

Hi Amber
Here is our little Trip (formerly Tito). This first picture was taken on a day-trip to the University of Bowling Green in Ohio where our daughter is.He was a big hit on campus!

He is also enrolled in a puppy class at our local dog training group in Ann Arbor, MI. Last week the teacher used him as a demo puppy! He was brilliant. He is very good at 'sit', and is learning 'lay-down' very well. He does really well with 'come' (as long as you have his attention!) and we're up to about 5 seconds of 'stay'!!

He is about 20 lbs now. Healthy and cute. He is very sociable with people and other dogs. He tries so hard to play with our cat.... but she's not too interested! Wish I could get some pics of that. He is extremely attuned to us and very much wants to please us.

First weekend after adoption. Daughter came up to see him. That's my husband on the left.

He likes to cuddle in the morning after breakfast. Here he is in my lap on the kitchen floor.

His potty training is going wonderfully. Of course we take him outside all the time anyway, so I don't know if he's actually made the connection - tho the treats for the "outdoor-business" must have some effect! We've only had ONE poop in the house- on his first night, just before bed. That's it! And there have only been a handful of pee's in the house, tho we still have paper down in the kitchen just in case.

We have 2 crates for him. One small one downstairs and the upstairs one in our bedroom (tiny house, but 2 floors). And we have baby gates up to confine him to the kitchen when needed. Night time is easy (he's always slept thru the night). There is, of course, some separation anxiety, but he seems to do ok, with minimal crying. I am unemployed right now, but going on interviews a lot and my husband works from home, so it'll be a bit of a change when I get a job. But it's a wonderful beginning for Trip to have us both around right now.

That's all for now.
Thanks for the puppy!
Linda A.
Ann Arbor, Michigan

This is him in Tenn., known then as Tito!!