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Happy Tails from Animal Harbor

Photo session with Mickey.  He’s loving his new home. – April (sent to Facebook 10-21-18)

Posted 29 weeks ago

Daphne is an angel for the O’Malleys. (Sent to Facebook 10-2-18)

Posted 29 weeks ago
tumblr photo tumblr photo
Posted 29 weeks ago

We just received these adorable pictures of Buddy with his newly adopted family.
They love him and say he is a wonderful addition to their family. (7-8-18)

Posted 44 weeks ago

Pete the Cat (formerly Jasper) has found the perfect napping spot. We think he is going to like it here. Thank you Animal Harbor! – Jennie (sent via email on 6-8-2018)

Posted 49 weeks ago

Mack (formerly known as Skunk) is settling in and fitting in perfectly! He is the perfect fit for our family and we absolutely love him! – Erica (sent by email 5-16-18)

Posted 52 weeks ago

Maybelline is an excellent cat, and smart enough to avoid predators that may have carried off other cats that we have had. She was initially rather skittish, perhaps because of a rough kittenhood, but  soon relaxed and often stands on her hind legs to indicate that she would like to be petted. She is outdoors most of the time, and supervises my work in the yard. She likes to come indoors at night in the winter, but in the warm weather she prefers to sleep on a tree branch about twelve feet above the ground. Other virtues include coming when she is called and maintaining a conversation of meows. She is active and has been perfectly healthy, too.– Chris Asmussen (sent via email 1-14-18)

Posted 69 weeks ago

This is a picture of Sol relaxing. She has not slept much today but finally wore down! Just love her! – Cathy Baruso Jackson (sent via Facebook 1-8-18)

Posted 70 weeks ago

Wanted to send an updated pic of Bristol (aka Miya), Knox (aka Devora), and Butch (aka Paul)!!!  They are very happy and we love them very much! – Jessica Nicole Bergman (sent via Facebook 1-8-18)

Posted 70 weeks ago

Thank you guys for letting me adopt George. He’s amazing and so sweet! – Jesel Castillo Womack (sent via Facebook 12-16-2017)

Posted 71 weeks ago