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Happy Tails from Animal Harbor

Annie wanted to say Hi and to thank you for taking such good care of her while she was there. Someone said they didn’t know why she was there so long… it was because she was waiting for us! We love her with all of our hearts. – Melissa Strunk (Sent via Facebook 12-27-17)

Posted 76 weeks ago

Ella is settling in perfectly! – Jennifer Bradford (sent via Facebook 12-23-17)

Posted 76 weeks ago

We first saw Country a few weeks before getting him, when my Mom and I were just looking at the dogs and petting them. We came back about two weeks after our visit and poor Country was still there. We felt so bad because we couldn’t get him due to having too many dogs. We went home and were telling my step dad about it and then I went back to my room. About an hour later my step dad told me we were going for a ride so he and I and my nephew got into the truck and headed out. My step dad had asked if I remembered which dog it was that we had told him about. I said Yes. Then we got to Animal Harbor and he bought Country as a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom, and he has become such a good dog and loves his new family. – Tyler Jones (Sent via email 11-14-2017)

Posted 76 weeks ago

Unfortunately Chance’s adoption story began with the passing of my best friend in life. He was a black lab named Stoney and after his passing my mom and I were absolutely devastated. My step dad didn’t like seeing us like that so he went to animal harbor and found Clem. Clem was a sweet little puppy that was full of life and already loved to play so we knew he’d be a great fit with us. Since then he has developed his own VERY unique personality and will brighten anyone’s day. Chance loves everyone and loves to give hugs; he absolutely loves his brothers and sisters and his people. We couldnt have gotten any more lucky to have been blessed with such a special and sweet dog as Chance. – Tyler Jones (sent via email 11-14-2017)

Posted 76 weeks ago

We got Gus (formerly Lou) last year at Animal Harbor. We named him after the mouse,  Gus, from Cinderella. He is an energetic and sometimes mischievous boy, but he is also a sweetheart who loves to cuddle. We have enjoyed making him part of the family! –  Susan Musilli  (sent via email 12-30-17)

Posted 76 weeks ago

You gave me life when I had the privilege of adopting Dora (now Gypsy) and Nemo (now Hooch). They bring me joy, laughter and love every day.  So thank you I found the wonderful gift of love so here is a picture of them growing up and very spoiled. Hooch has the blue collar and weighs in at about 65 lbs and Gypsy weighs 45 lbs. – Sent in email 11-21-17

Posted 82 weeks ago

Xena (formerly Nancy) is happy in her new home! –  ‎Julie Choate (posted on Facebook 9-30-17)

Posted 87 weeks ago

Thank you Animal Harbor for my precious baby Doodle! He’s loving life outside of the kennel and adjusting well. Thanks for all you do for the animals of FC, we love you guys! – Jessica Anderkin (Posted to Facebook Aug. 18)

Posted 94 weeks ago

Trooper aka Roscoe…we love our shelter puppy!!! –  Erica Alexander (posted on Facebook 7-21-17)

Posted 99 weeks ago

We LOVE Jack! Thanks for allowing us to adopt him! –  Wendy Barnes  (posted on Facebook 6-22-17)

Posted 103 weeks ago