Volunteer Opportunities for Kids

We love having younger volunteers help us here at Animal Harbor. As long as children are with someone over 18 they are always welcome. The application process is almost identical to our adult volunteers-- they just need to have a parent or guardians signature on their application too. We have many young volunteers in all areas of our shelter work and a few programs just for them!

Reading Program: We have a small bookshelf with some wonderful books just for our young readers. When kids read to our animals, it’s a win/win activity. For the animals, they get one-on-one attention and a constant voice to help calm and entertain them. For the kids, they are able to have a non-judgmental companion to practice reading out loud. Plus, a cuddly friend is an extra incentive to grow a love of reading.

North Middle School's Animal Harbor Club: Any interested students at North Middle School can ask about joining. The club meets at the shelter after school during the school year. These students learn about a variety of animal welfare subjects, and help with shelter cleaning and animal socialization.