Life Preserver Program

Provide ongoing support for the dogs and cats at Animal Harbor through our Life Preserver program. Your regular monthly financial support will let us spend less time on fund raising and more time on programs and activities that serve animals in need.

Platinum Circle Life Preserver $250/month or $3,000 annually
Gold Circle Life Preserver $150/month or $1,800 annually
Silver Circle Life Preserver $100/month or $1,200 annually
Bronze Circle Life Preserver $75/month or $900 annually
Copper Circle Life Preserver $50/month or $600 annually
Basic Life Preserver up to $50/month

Download this form to sign up!  Or call us at (931) 962-4472.

We are very grateful to our ongoing donors:


Platinum Circle Life Preservers


Drs. George and Ashley Bowers, Animal Care Center

Cartinhour-Woods Foundation 

Anne Giles, Board Member

Sam Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Herr

Marshall and Cindy La Plata

Jeane Patton

Ben Petty

Dr. and Mrs. Harry Prince, Town & Country Veterinary Hospital

Joseph Sumpter

Gold Circle Life Preservers


Dr. Robert Delcamp and Susan Rupert, Board Member

Patricia Dover

Dan and Carolyn Maher

Silver Circle Life Preservers:


Dr. Kimberly Bodner and Steven Bodner

Cecelia Brodioi, Board Member

Colin and Gloria Elliot

Dr. Nancy Goldberg and Dr. Harold Goldberg

Linda Curty Reinholtz, LC Photography

Dr. Susan Ridyard, Board Member

Southern Tennessee Regional Health System - Winchester

Dr. and Mrs. Damian Szewczyk

Dr. Karen Tidmore

Susan Walton


Bronze Circle Life Preservers:


Ann and Doug Cameron

Larry and Barbara Carden

Dr. William Engel

John and Julia Gatta

Anne Griffin

Gordon and Debbe Lane  

Roscoe Brown Heating and Air Conditioning, Lee Gill, Gen. Mgr. 


Copper Circle Life Preservers:


Sharon Lee Butcher

Frank and Barbara Hart

Bill and Donna Kershner

Phyllis Larson, Board Member

Dr. Jennifer Michael and The Rev. James C. Pappas III

Joe and Claudia Porter

Haleigh Sligar

Tabitha Stines

Gloria Stuart

Dr. Peggy Thoits

Marie and James Tobitt and Tammie Tobitt

Sheila and Jimmy Williams


Basic Life Preservers


Margaret Beasley

Warren and Rosemary Berg

Virginia and Chip Craighill

Amanda Curty

Lucia Dale

Kris and Rich Gosling

Joanne and David Groat

Cathy Jackson

Leonard and Anita King

Greg Kirven

Pamela and Jim Martin

Lisa McCord, Board Member

Paula and Robert Reed

Leslie and Dale Richardson

Jim and Deb Tucker 

Mary Turner

Mrs. Peggy Ward and The Reverend Thomas Ward

Rev. Karl K. and Rev. Jan Whiteman

Donate Online

Our secure donation site lets you set up a recurring donation. You choose the amount and you can stop it or change the amount at any time. It takes credit cards, and keeps track of how much you have given.

(We regret that at this time we cannot set up automatic withdrawals from checking accounts. You can use your debit card to accomplish this.) 

Donate by Mail

If you do not want to donate online, you may download and print this form and mail with  your check. Or just send a check with a note to PO Box 187, Winchester, TN 37398

 How your support helps the animals

$10/month ($120/year) Monthly flea treatment 

$20/month ($240/year) 3 medium-sized dog spays

$25/month ($300/year) Toys and bedding

$50/month ($600/year) Intake vaccinations for 12 pets (at $50 for one)

$100/month ($1,200/year) Dog and Cat Food

$200/month ($2,400/year) Telephone and Internet

$500/month ($6,000/year) Half of our routine veterinary expenses

$1,000/month ($12,000/year) Shelter utilities or spay/neuter for pets of low-income families