Why not consider making a donation in honor or in memory of a family member, friend, mentor, or pet? You could even join with others to make a donation in recognition of a person or pet who has played an important part in your lives.

Wall of Honor

If you donate at least $100, and prefer not to name a portion of our building, you may choose to be recognized on a special donor wall in our new shelter.

  • Anchor Level $100-$249
  • Lighthouse Level $250-$499
  • Lifeline Level $500-$999
  • Harbor Level $1,000 and up

Animal Harbor

New Shelter Campaign

Building a Brighter Future

Naming Opportunities

Throughout the new shelter we are offering numerous items that can be sponsored. You can choose to feature your name or the name of a beloved pet or person on any of the following areas:

Kennel Wing $50,000  Reserved
Cat and Office Wing $50,000  Reserved
HVAC Systems (3) $45,000  Cartinour-Woods Family Foundation; Roscoe Brown Heating and Air Conditioning
Lobby $10,000  In Memory of James Walton
Reception Area $5,000  Animal Care Center 
Intake Room $10,000  Susan Rupert and Robbe Delcamp
Modular Indoor Dog Kennels (8) $2,500 each  Cile and David Alexander (1); Anne Griffin (1); 6 left
Indoor/Outdoor Dog Kennels (14) $2,500 each  Joseph's Remodeling Solutions in Honor of Isabelle (1); Wishing Well Antiques and Gifts (1); 12 left
Dog Isolation Kennels (4) $2,500 each  Mick and Cindy Bryan (1);3 left 
Dog Isolation Kennel Room $5,000  Margaret and Steve Rixham
Meet and Greet Room $5,000  Animal Care Center
Dog Exam Room $5,000  Southern Tennessee Medical Center
New Cat Hold Cages (8) $2,500 each  Barbara Swygart (1); Anne Griffin (1);McMurr's Printing (2); Sumpter Family in Memory of Prince Charming (1); 3 left
Sick Cat Isolation Cages (8) $1,000 each  Memory of Peek-A-Boo Ogden (1); Franklin County High School Interact Club (1); 6 left
Cat Isolation Room $5,000  Ben Petty
Cat Community Rooms (3) $5,000 each  Sue Ridyard (1); Ben Petty (1); Cami's Kitten Room (1)
Small Animal Room $5,000 Keri Moser and IvyWild Sewanee
Cat Porch (Mary’s Porch) $15,000  Judee and Henry Herr
Healthy Hold Cat and Exam Room $5,000  Cecelia and Gary Brodioi
Kittening room $ 2,500  Town and Country Veterinary Hospital
Laundry Area $5,000  
Work Room $5,000  
Storage Room $ 5,000  Franklin County UNITED Bank
Concrete Slab for Outside Dog Runs $2,500  Alpha Tau Zeta Sorority
Dog Exercise Yards (5) $2,500 each  5 left
Awnings over Outdoor Kennels (5) $5,000  
Outdoor Storage Building $6,000  
Fencing for Dog Holding Area $2,500  
Outdoor Benches (7) $1,000 each  Gordon and Debbie Lane (1); Chip and Leigh Manning (1); John and Jane Flynn (1); George and Sylviane Poe (2); Doug and Jancy Traversa (1)
Shelter Manager’s Office $5,000  Lynn Ariail
Extra Office $5,000  
Meeting/Staff Room $5,000  Lynn Vogel and James Smith (The Pearl Jenkins Break Room)
Educational Resource and Retail Area $5,000  John Templeton Foundation
Display Cabinet $1,000  Robert and Paula Reed
Public Restroom $2,500  Iron Gap Band
Fireproof File Cabinet $3,000  RegionsBank Winchester, TN
Security System $5,000  Susan Walton
Stackable Washer/Dryer $1,000 each  Dan and Carolyn Maher
Refrigerator $1,000  Chris and Dianna Ogden
Indoor Benches (4) $1,000 each  In Memory of Ms. Nellie M. Posey (1); Jerry and Rena Jones (1); Robert Eubanks (1); Marshall & Cindy La Plata (1)
Covered Entrance $6,000  Russell Barnett
Sidewalks $2,000  Russell Barnett
Shelter Sign $2,000  Russell Barnett
Landscaping $20,000  Gary and Glenda Horton; Tim Sons; Jackson Nursery
Driveway/Parking Area $10,000  Rotary Club of Winchester
Cat Viewing Windows $5,000  Charles Wharton
Listing on Wall of Honor (unlimited) $100 and up  - See box at left