At the July 10 Party for Paws, the Jean Patton Humanitarian Award was presented to Kathy Bouldin for her work with the Animal Alliance-- South Cumberland. This organization was created to reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats in Grundy County and areas of Marion and Franklin County, Tennessee located on the Cumberland Plateau, by providing affordable and accessible spays and neuters. They have provided over 700 spays and neuters in their first 22 months of existence!  In an area without any animal shelters or even any animal control services, their work is very much needed. Kudos to Kathy and her team!

Franklin County Humane Society President Amanda Curty (left) presented the award. The Jean Patton Humanitarian Award was established in 2003 in honor of Ms. Jean Patton, who provided initial support for the creation of Animal Harbor. The award is presented each year to one or more persons who have made a significant contribution towards the Humane Society's mission to reduce pet overpopulation and improve the lives of companion animals in Franklin County.