Scheduled Shelter Volunteer

Once you have a list of volunteer job descriptions and an application, you will then get a tour of the building, an explanation of our volunteer sign-in process, and discuss a weekly volunteering schedule.

Our beginning volunteers wear red aprons. Using your interests and past experience we will place you in the most appropriate job for the time you are available. As you are trained in a “hands on” capacity, volunteer management will discuss your enjoyment and aptitude for different tasks until we find the right fit.

Once you have found a position that works best for you, you will have the opportunity to advance in responsibilities and freedom. We will email information to you that applies to certain jobs for which you may have the most interest and the best talent.  After studying the materials, you will be given a simple 10 question test. If you answer 7 out of 10 correctly, you will graduate from Red to Blue or Green, based on your job interests. This graduation is also dependent on passing hands-on observations of skills needed for the jobs you are qualifying for.

Blue - information volunteers. Volunteers to answer phones, work the front desk, file papers. If a client has a question they should be able to ask a staff member or Blue volunteer.

Green – “hands on” volunteers. Volunteers to walk dogs, clean cages, socialize. If a client needs help moving something, or interacting with an animal, they should be able to ask a staff member or Green volunteer.