Animal Harbor

New Shelter Campaign

Why We Needed a New Shelter

Our old building was a former hog auction barn which was never adequate for use and an animal shelter, and was aging and increasingly hazardous.



  • The wood of the building is rotting and the walls have many holes and gaps.
  • The electrical wiring is exposed (no conduit) and subject to water and rodent damage.
  • The plumbing is deficient and subject to freezing.
  • The roof has been patched many times and still leaks; it would not be cost-effective to put a new roof on a building with so many other problems.
  • Storage space throughout the shelter is inadequate.



  • The floors of the kennel area are constructed of unsealed, corrugated concrete which harbors pathogens, and the lack of drains requires an arduous cleaning process.
  • The dog kennel area has no climate control, leaving dogs exposed to below-freezing temperatures in winter and 100-degree temperatures in summer.
  • The leaking roof leaves dogs standing in water when it rains.
  • The chain link kennels are inadequate for proper separation of dogs and control of airborne disease.
  • There is no meet and greet space for potential adopters to spend time with individual dogs.



  • There is poor climate control and ventilation in the cat rooms and work areas.
  • There is inadequate space for cats, especially new intakes who need to be isolated.
  • The only space for sick cats is 4 cages in a converted closet with poor ventilation; overflow has to be accommodated in a room also used for laundry, storage, and treatment of both cats and dogs.
  • There is no outdoor access for cats, who would benefit from the fresh air and stimulation.
  • There is no space for staff and volunteers to hold meetings, have breaks, or bathe after handling sick animals.
  • There is no meet and greet space for potential adopters to spend time with individual cats.